About Us




Our Mission

Eighty percent of the world’s fisheries are nearing collapse. Cuna del Mar intends to help reverse this downtrend by shifting the demand for seafood from wild fisheries and conventional fisheries farming/production methods to new industries in open ocean aquaculture. Cuna del Mar will explore, support and develop open ocean aquaculture methods that are economically viable as well as environmentally and socially responsible. Cuna del Mar will invest in businesses that have the potential to create disruption in the industry by being positive change agents to produce a diverse supply of healthy, wholesome seafood.

Core Values

• We view our businesses as that of Ocean stewards
• We conduct business with integrity and respect
• We seek excellence in people and systems in the spirit of continuous improvement
• We encourage personal growth, initiative, innovation and enrichment
• We strive to support our companies in the achievement of goals and objectives

Investment Strategy

Sustainable open ocean aquaculture is a new industry in its early stages of development. As there are not many existing businesses, Cuna del Mar’s strategy will seek investment opportunities with those early stage private companies, and in acquiring assets to develop new business opportunities. In all of our investments, Cuna del Mar will play an active role in the business. Cuna del Mar will offer, on a discretionary basis, various forms of financing, governance and advisory services through directorship and consultation.

Key Elements of Industry
A comprehensive industry change from egg to plate.

Methods of Production

• Feed
• Equipment technology
• Selective breeding
• Follow product standards, traceability, sourcing practices, and environmental impacts

Vertical Integration From Production Through Processing

• Hatchery
• Offshore production
• Processing
• Distribution

Sales & Marketing

• Take advantage of the exploding green movement coupled with heightened consumer awareness.
• Offer the consumers a variety of tasty, healthy seafood.
• Most major retailers now have newly formed, well-defined and increasingly stringent standards for the seafood products they sell.