Ocean Farm Technologies and OceanSpar Join Forces. New Company to Develop Innovative, Open-Ocean Products

Seattle, WA and Morrill, ME

On January 1, 2015, Ocean Farm Technologies and OceanSpar merged to form InnovaSea Systems, Inc., a new company committed to developing the next wave of innovative, open-ocean products and services to support the growing mariculture industry.

“It’s going to take considerable design and engineering talent to create the next generation of products for open-ocean mariculture. The combined resources of OceanSpar and Ocean Farm Technologies give InnovaSea the horsepower to get the job done,” said Steve Page, the founder of Ocean Farm Technologies. “I’m delighted that our companies have joined forces.”

The newly merged company champions, among other things, environmental and financial sustainability and innovation. Its commitment to producing innovative products and services is reflected in the significant investment InnovaSea is making in an accelerated research and development program.

“While both companies made good progress in the past, this merger allows us to move faster and on a larger scale,” said Gary Loverich, OceanSpar’s co-founder. “We are investing a considerable amount of time and money in hiring the right people and acquiring complex computer technology because we believe in the future of open-ocean mariculture.” Both Loverich and Page, veterans in product design, will assume advisory roles at InnovaSea.

InnovaSea’s strong foundation comes from the expertise of two respected companies in the mariculture industry. Founded in 2005, Ocean Farm Technologies developed the Aquapod, a unique containment system that handles rugged ocean conditions and a variety of species. OceanSpar has produced quality products, like the SeaStation and AquaSpar Fish Pens, since 1988. They share an excellent reputation for producing cost-effective goods and services, and a commitment to supporting sustainable fish farming in the open ocean.

“InnovaSea will continue offering the same high-quality products, operating equipment, and support. That won’t change,” said InnovaSea’s new president, Langley Gace. “We are taking a more holistic approach by turning our attention to creating fully integrated farming platforms. Our customers told us that they need support through the grow-out cycle—from the moment juvenile fish leave the dock until they are on the harvest vessel heading to the processing plant— and we listened.”

To learn more about InnovaSea Systems, Inc. visit InnovaSea.com.